How to start Blogger with rentalmarks

How to start Blogger,
Once you have a Gmail account, you can easily create your blog on the Blogger platform, the platform that Google has had since 2003, and that blog is hosted on Blogger servers.

How to start Blogger

How to start Blogger

  1. First, before you create a blog you should define the purpose for which you created it.
  2. Do you blog to benefit others? Or marketing to a particular company or product? Or a means of making money and making money online?
  3. Then choose a specific domain in which to write, collect and form the information in a unique way.
  4. Then choose a suitable name for the blog for its content.


  1. enter the link, click Create Your Blog blogger
  2. log in to your account on Gmail blogger
  3. In the following window type the name of the blog – choose a short special link that has to do with the blog’s topic
  4. then choose the appearance from the default Blogger Click “Create Blog”

Why choose blogger

because Blogger blogs don’t need protection because they’re owned by Google and they protect their products? Blogger blogs are fast archiving and have a very easy platform for writing articles without any programming experience.

Many free templates fit all disciplines or fields, It supports the Arabic language beautifully.

How to start Blogger and renting a camera from Rentalmarks

  • There are numerous reasons you should lease a focal point or a camera, the most widely recognized being that you need an extraordinary focal point that is too costly to even consider buying, Another explanation is to have a back-up for a significant occasion like a wedding or a family get-together.
  • If you have various extraordinary events coming up this year, you might need to consider employing our camera gear to catch recollections for you to think back on later on.
  •  On the off chance that you are just anticipating utilizing the camera gear for these occasions, you will think that it’s more practical to recruit the hardware, instead of getting it.
  • cameras and focal points are extravagant, so you would prefer not to leave them on a rack gathering dust and deteriorating in esteem.
  •  Numerous organizations offer advantageous and adaptable recruit alternatives, permitting you to book out the camera gear however long you need to.
  • Leasing camera hardware is an extraordinary arrangement for the expert and beginner picture taker the same, You can get the hardware you need for the time you need it, and afterward return it essentially and without any problem.

How to start Blogger

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