Why you buy when you can rent

To rent an idea we are used to in Egypt from time and time to stay easier.
Every choice of the two countries, whether “buy or rent” for the pros and cons … Depending on factors such as the social situation, age, appropriate and the number of times to use the need to buy or rent De … But the most important factor is always Bacon “money”
Khleikwa Fakrin We at the Royal Marks we intended to rent any need and need … even if you think of renting the chalet to Htqdh where your vacation in the coast 😉
Let us first talk about the positives of the idea of ​​rent … because we appreciate the solution and a new concept that can change our lives a lot … If you rent any need for a laptop or an Arab or a chalet anywhere for a day (eg use day) or dress to Htrouhie engagement of your friend or A professional camera depicting her son Farah Ibn Khaltk and the needs of another Kteier … Important that the advantages of the subject Deh … For example
• Maintenance: You are not fully responsible for maintenance to get continuously for any need you can rent.
• Freedom: If you love the change in the needs of a lot of Arab women or dresses and dresses … Rent is the best solution for you … because it is certainly not the most variable change in any need to pay Floss Kteier you first.
• Savings: One of the most important points is that rent is a positive step to provide the money can be made by a possible need for one time but in your life.
Think about how you can differentiate in the lives of many people !!
And Estonona in Rintal Marx Alshan bees is a problem, which is the need to meet the need to hire you quickly and you are based in your place is not wrapped and a question here and there.

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